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Tolerant parents

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Tolerant Parents - Parenting Support
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This is a community for parents and parents to be who wish to express themselves without being judged.

This is not a debate on breast vs. bottlefeeding, or whether to vaccinate or not. It is a place for parents to get together, talk about their fears and experiences, and not fear backlash.


1. Ganging up and attacking a poster is unacceptable

In the spirit of what this community is about, differences of opinion should either be kept civil, or to yourself. Harassing someone for doing something that you wouldnt (ex. circumsizing a baby boy) wont be tolerated and you will be banned.

If you have a complaint, email me with a link and what the problem is, the person will be talked to/dealt with on how I see fit.

Please people, lets keep this civil so everyone can be comfortable.

2. Multiple pictures behind a cut

Pictures are lovely, and I welcome sharing them, but please, large pictures and multiple pictures behind a cut please.

Info on lj cuts here.

3. Pregnancy or parenting related promotions only.

Ads, referrals to websites and articles, and promoting parenting and pregnancy communities are all acceptable.