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03 January 2006 @ 11:22 pm
Hello...i found this community from the altparent comm ...and hollsh ...i am 25 momma to 2 boys and just am trying to parent my boys the way i see fit and not to the specification of everyone else...

i have a question and no one i know is into delaying vacs so im just looking at how other moms feel about it...for those of you that go this route...i just wonder how you handled it...we have a new pediatrician that we just started to see at romans 2yr check up...he has mentioned jokingly hubby better be there at the 2mo check up for the shots or momma will not be happy....but this is the thing i believe in delaying the vacs....as you have read i have had some issues with him not being open with me and just feeling frustrated with him...tomorrow is lucians 4week appt and i want to bring it up...but fear what he may say...or should i just wait till that 2mo appt and say no thanks we are gonna wait it out? ...

i can just hear it now a lecture ...hubby doesnt say much just "yeah sure" when i ask his oppinion on delaying...i delayed romans till he was i think 9 months old...so he didnt finish his shots till late ...
RavenOnyxravenonyx on January 4th, 2006 04:48 am (UTC)
I always go in to a new ped with our "vaccination plan" written down, 2 copies for each child; one to keep in their files there for reference, one for me to keep, SIGNED by the doctor and staff that they will follow our wishes. If they don't sign, we find a new ped. Period. I don't fuck around when it comes to my kids' health.

We get no more then one shot at one time. We do not vaccinate before age 2. If a combo is given, we wait 2 months before any additional shots. Even given this, my kids are "on schedule" for 90% of the vax's by the time they start school at age 5. (90% is because we do not vax for varicella until age 12 if not immune, and we outright refuse prevnar/hib.)

Have you studied the CDC's guidelines for immunizations at http://www.cdc.gov/nip/recs/child-catchup.pdf ?It's the alternative schedule. Here are some tidbits from it:

Just by starting late, you only need ONE hib shot at >15months. ONE pnuemoccocal if started after 15 months. (Btw, if your child is over age 5, you should NOT get the HiB vaccine. It is NOT formulated for use in children over the age of 5 and is contraindicated by the manufacturer. Same goes for PCV.)

By scheduling the last DPT shot for when the child is over age 4 (one per year past age 1, usually), you only need a total of four shots and NOT five.

Doublecheck your state regulations. Here in TX we are able to get a philosophical exemption to shots we don't agree with for any reason. Many states do *not* have this exemption. Email me if you have any questions about filing a religious exemption.

I always emphasize to the doc that my main concern is not overloading thier immune system, and being able to know which shot caused a reaction if one occurs. So far only one has had a problem with this.