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01 December 2005 @ 08:24 pm
I posted this rant in my journal earlier and decided to share it here....  
If I hear any of these phrases one more time:

"Don't get your hopes up...Mason will probably be late."
"I bet Mason's going to come early."
"OMG, don't circ/vaccinate/stop breastfeeding until he's at least a year/supplement with formula/blahblahblah, because that's just horrible!"
"Your belly is so tiny!"
"OMG, look at how bad your stretch marks are!!!"

I'm going to have to commit murder. Seriously.

I'm excited that I've started dilating and effacing, but that doesn't mean that I automatically assume that he's going to come early OR late. He's going to come whenever HE'S ready.

And, yes, I'm planning on having him circumcised and vaccinated, and I'm not planning on breastfeeding long-term. And, you know what else? I have formula in my cabinet, in the rare case that I might just have to end up supplementing. Quite treating me like I'm so inferior to you and stop treating me as though I'm a neglectful parent because I'm making choices that you might not necessarily agree with. I'm doing what I think is best for MY child. I'm researching everything and every possible option, and I'm not just jumping into ANY of this blindly.

Oh, one other thing. I know that you are just trying to prepare me for what is to come, but I don't need to constantly be reminded of how painful labor is. I'm already scared enough without you taking it upon yourself to tell me on a daily basis how I don't know what real pain is yet and how horrible labor is. I hate you.

And, yes, I want an epidural. It's great that you want to have a natural childbirth, but I do not. I want my medication. That doesn't make you superior.

Pregnancy has really made me dislike people in general. I rant about the same things over and over, simply because people don't get it the first time. I constantly feel this urge to smack the hell outta people.

Someone on my friends list made a post a little while ago pretty much badmouthing people who choose to circ, along with posting a link to a very biased LJ entry written by some guy with graphic photos and such. It annoys me, because it's obviously a blatant attack at me and my post.

How difficult is it to respect the choices of others?!
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cats_rule on January 7th, 2006 12:52 pm (UTC)
Don't blame you one bit on the meds! I believe there's a special place in heaven for the inventor of the epidural. Vaginal delivery is "natural", it doesn't have to be painful.
I understand about your dislike of people. I got to the point where I would slap someone's hand if they even REACHED toward my belly, they didn't have to touch it.
I will say, labor itself is not all that painful. Contractions are no fun, but I have to say I've had leg cramps that were worse. Delivery, now that's a different story. BUT that pain lasts all of 5 minutes and once the baby is out, the pain is gone. No lingering.
Breastfeeding NEVER appealed to me. The very thought of it made my skin crawl. There are those who will say you bond better, etc. Don't believe it. I was as close to my mom as anyone could be. I told her everything, she was my best friend and advisor, my husband is the only person that I am closer to. She bottle fed me.
Re. circumcision... That is ENTIRELY no one's business. What kind of ass would dare assume they had the right to tell you what to do with your son's PENIS???? I've never understood people who do that.
Stick with your instincts, what works for me may not work for you or anyone else. Just do what YOU think is best, that's all anyone can expect.